A Little Bit About Me

A Little Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I live in a beautiful Cheshire village in the north west of England, with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. Inspired by a love of sewing and my Italian roots, a degree in Fashion Promotions seemed a natural path to follow.  I taught Fashion Design in the States and then Textiles Technology back home in England.  Since becoming a mum, I have been able to indulge my passion for designing and sewing, and also have the freedom of running my own business.

My work is inspired by my travels, family holidays and my sailing adventures, which include a Trans Atlantic yacht race.  As much as I have enjoyed travelling abroad, there really is no place like home, especially when surrounded by such beautiful countryside.  Looking in from the outside, and from my experience, I have seen a huge value placed on British design, creativity and British-made products.  The quirky British sense of humour is also something we are renowned for and this is reflected in my work.  I try to work with British-made supplies whenever possible.

I am passionate about fabrics and working with different techniques, be it hand embroidery, freehand machine embroidery, fabric painting and appliquè. I work with new and vintage fabrics from my large fabric collection. I sometimes find it hard to throw things away as I am extremely sentimental.  Some of the items in the website’s menu bar are drawings of things that are very precious to me.  The hens by the “Home” button live in my parents’ garden and the "contact me" telephone was my grandparents' and, yes, it still works.  I bought the 1890s Jones sewing machine for my duaghter and the wicker shopping basket was my grandmother's.  Capturing personal memories is a prime objective in my creations.

When I’m not sewing you’ll find me gardening, cooking (with produce from the vegetable patch), helping to run a Mums' Fellowship group for our church and I rarely turn down the offer of a coffee with friends.  I enjoy photography. You'll be able to see some more of my photos on my forthcoming blog.  You can also keep in touch with me on Facebook and Twitter.  


Elizabeth x


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